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– Steel turning endurance

Steel turning grade with new cutting edge technology for improved performance in every application area.

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CoroCut® QD

– The most reliable system for parting off

A parting off system for deep grooves and long overhangs covering parting blades, adaptors, shanks, swiss tools and inserts for truly high-security machining.

CoroCut QD


CoroDrill® 870

Exchangeable-tip drill for stainless steel

Secure and predictable holemaking process. New grade and geometry for reliable and secure drilling in tough conditions.

CoroDrill 870


Modular System

– Coromant EH

The modular exchangeable-head (EH)  design delivers great advantages in large machining centres requiring long reach as well as in small to medium-sized machining centres and turning centres having critical gauge length. Extended possibilities within modular tooling with a variety of heads, adaptors and shanks.

Coromant EH

CoroBore® 825 EH

CoroMill® 390

CoroMill® 490

CoroMill® 316

CoroBore® 824 XS



Advanced Cooling Technology

Coolant pressure together with nozzle precision is a powerful combination. Whatever your challenges are, our wide range of advanced cooling technology products gives you the possibility to choose.

For secure internal wet machining
CoroTurn® HP boring bars and Coromant Capto® bars are now available in CoroTurn® 107 assortment.

Modularity and nozzle technology combined
CoroTurn® SL with CoroTurn® HP cutting heads

For rapid tool change
CoroTurn® SL Coromant Capto® adaptors



ISO S Holemaking

Surface integrity awareness is crucial when producing critical aerospace engine components. Holemaking is one of the final operations which makes reliability and security important for delivering high-value components.

Performance and reliability in tapping
CoroTap® 200 -SD combined with CoroChuck™ 970

Optimized drilling in heat resistant super alloys
CoroDrill® R846

More ISO S tools
CoroChuck™ 930 and CoroReamer™ 835



Large Diameter Lightweight Boring

The new CoroBore® Lightweight boring tools reduce tool weight and tool change moment, making handling easier and larger diameters possible.

CoroBore 820L XL

CoroBore 825L XL

CoroBore 826L XL

New boring concepts – Small diameter holes

Boring small-diameter holes even at long overhangs has never been easier. CoroTurn® XS boring bars and the exchangeable-head (EH) system make boring down to 1 mm (0.039 inch) diameter possible, while keeping your tool inventory at a minimum.


Modularity with EH and Coromant Capto® interfaces

CoroBore® 824 XS and CoroBore® 825 with EH coupling



GC 4325_sm QD GC4325 Modular Cooling iso boring boring 870