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Cline Tool is a partner who can assist you in every phase of the   manufacturing process. Whether your application requires a simple tool or a complex design capable of machining multiple features at once, we have the expertise to design and manufacture a high quality cutting tool to ft your requirements. We understand metal removal better than anyone, and custom tool applications are a core competency of our business. Trust Cline Tool to fnd the most productive machining processes that will reduce cycle times, improve quality and reduce cost. 

  • Skilled tool craftsmen and tool design engineers with decades of experience
  • Serving many industries including agriculture, construction equipment, automotive, appliances and hydraulic valve controls
  • Full-service design-and-build services


Custom tools, solid form tools, thread mills, carbide tipped form and porting tools, modular shanks, boring bars and reamers, special form inserts, custom tool holders, collet chucks


Cline Tool will work with you from the very beginning of a project, providing the resources to develop the most cost-effective tool and process.

Cline Tool can design tools with multiple features or combine multiple tools into one operation


Cline Tool has the ability to design engineered solutions on all modular systems, which enables our clients to take the advantages of these systems to the next level.

To improve the machining of a steering knuckle, the spindle boring and milling was performed with an engineered solution for the application. It incorporated a standard milling cutter and a boring tool to reduce the cycle time and eliminate a tool change.

Precision, quality and quick turnarounds are critical to profitable manufacturing. Cline Tool will work with urgency and dedication to service your needs so you can meet your customers’ expectations.


BoringBars1 tool tool2 tool3 tool4 tool5 tool6 DC_6088 DSC_6077 Indexable  Inserted Drill DSC6069 DSC6081 reamer2 Prt Tools Shanks cutaway