Davis by Cline Tool



The Davis Block Type Boring Tool System 

Increases productivity and reduces tooling costs for vertical and horizontal boring machines and machining centers.

  • Up to 50% lower initial cost:  Just five standard Davis bars handle all boring jobs from 1" through 12.5" diameter.
  • Cut three times faster:  Two cutters cut faster than one. Feeds with Davis two-cutter blocks are up to three times faster than with single point tools.

  • Greater range of operations per bar:  Seven types of interchangeable, cutter blocks enable one Davis bar to handle multiple machining operations.

  • Balanced chip load promotes accuracy:  Davis system assures accurate, round taper free bores everytime.  Chip load is balanced between the cutters. Opposed cutting action minimizes the effect of tool wear and bar deflection.
  • Presetting holds tolerances of +.0005":  Adjustable tooling provides a full presetting of both radial and axial accuracies, with tolerances of +.0005" on diameters easily held with normal care.



Any of the seven block styles can be exchanged in the same Davis bar




Type STL & ST:  Two-cutter and roughing & semi-finish blocks. Standard throwaway inserts, excellent choice for fast removal of excess stock in rough bores.



Type AT:  Two-cutter semi-finish and finishing block.  Adjustable throwaway inserts lock and adjust radially.  Production boring with maximum economy.


Type E:  Two-cutter rough and finishing block.  Expandable cuters adjust to compensate for wear.  Regrinding for both diameter and depth for complete positive control of machining accuracy.


Type MST:  All-purpose single-cutter block.  Micrometer adjustable in increments of .001" radially over a wide range of bore diameters  Best used for short runs and one-of-a-kind applications.


Type STC:  Single-cutter chamfering block.  Blocks with throwaway insert for 45° chamfering applications.


Solid Block:  All-purpose boring and facing tool.  Manufactured from super high speed steel, or with brazed carbide, for machining large faces or chamfering holes.